Éditions Lumumba Afrocentricity International Protests Against the Visit of Philippe, King of the Belgians, to the Democratic Republic of Congo

Afrocentricity International Protests Against the Visit of Philippe, King of the Belgians, to the Democratic Republic of Congo

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    Ama Mazama, Per-aat Universelle
    June 15, 2022/6258, Port-Louis, Guadeloupe

The Democratic Republic of Congo will celebrate in a little less than 2 weeks the 62nd anniversary of its independence as a free and sovereign nation. This sovereignty, the Congolese people, under the admirable leadership of Lumumba, wrested from Belgium, after more than half a century of Belgian colonial exploitation, a period preceded by 23 years of tyranny and absolute cruelty while the Congo had become the private property of the then Belgian king, Leopold II, who amassed a considerable personal fortune through the extraction of rubber in particular, at the cost of untold atrocities, since it is estimated that at least 20 million perished while tens of thousands were mutilated in totally barbaric fashion between 1885 and 1908.

Most recently, on June 7, 2022, Philippe, the current Belgian king, traveled to the DRC accompanied by his wife and a government delegation. That the Belgians continue to be “interested” in the multiple and immense riches of the Congo should not come as a surprise. After all, the predatory relationship between the West and Africa has never ceased. The crocodile tears of King Philippe, who declared he « regrets » the « acts of violence and cruelty » committed by his ancestors on Congolese soil, cannot fool us any more. Quite significant in this regard is the fact that this same king never found it necessary to apologize (he simply “regretted”) and was careful not to speak of reparations.

We are asked to believe that relations between Belgium and the DRC are a “new partnership,” marked by “equality.” The reaction of the Congolese government to the visiting Belgian authorities leads us, unfortunately, to another conclusion – namely that far from being in a relationship of shared respect, the Congolese leaders continue to exhibit a shameful servility towards the executioners of our ancestors.

How to explain, then, the call for the reception of Philippe King of the Belgians by high authorities of the country, including the president of the Congolese senate and the president of the political party Movement for the Liberation of Congo, MLC? Or again, the considerable expenses incurred for the reception of the King of the Belgians even as unemployment and insecurity prevail throughout the country, particularly in the East? And what about the deployment of funds for the accelerated repair of the road that goes from Kavumu airport towards the city center of Bukavu, with the aim of preparing for the passage of the King of the Belgians to Congo? In one of the provinces of the DRC, university classes were even suspended to allow teachers and students to go and greet the Belgian royal couple. The Congolese state machine itself ceased to function normally because of the arrival of the grandson of Leopold II, the very one who cut off the hands of our Ancestors.

We are both disappointed and saddened to have witnessed such a dishonorable spectacle. It is clear that most of our leaders prefer to continue to engage in a moribund diplomacy, and that it is therefore impossible for them to hear the call for the Kamite Renaissance which nevertheless resounds more and more strongly everywhere on our beloved Continent.

We remain more convinced than ever that a people cannot be liberated but that a people liberates itself. Our worthy Ancestor Lumumba declared that history will one day have something to say, but it will not be the history that will be taught in Brussels, Washington, Paris or at the United Nations, but the history which will be taught in countries truly freed from colonialism and any inferiority complex.

Afrocentricity International remains persuaded that the process of liberation is irresistible and irreversible and that, to avoid serious crises, it is necessary to put an end to colonialism and all the practices of segregation and discrimination that accompany it. Afrocentricity International therefore invites all Congolese men and all Congolese women to work urgently and unconditionally to put an end to the neo-colonialism of Belgium and any other nation, in all its forms and in all its manifestations in the land of Kimbangu.

Long Live the Kongo People!Unity is our Aim,

Victory is our Destiny!

Ama Mazama, Per-aat Universelle

June 15, 2022/6258, Port-Louis, Guadeloupe