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Social Entrepreneurship and a Meaningful Change


World has witnessed quite a many catastrophes since World War-I. The great plague, the civil wars, the invasions, epidemics, industrial disasters et al. Our secondary school text books carry many stories of inspiration from olden times, telling us how Lord Baden Powel or a Florence Nightingale had started the Boy Scouts or the Nursing profession during such adverse conditions. Since those times until present breed of such brave stalwarts — all of whom brought in ideas to implement for creating socially beneficial enterprises. These entrepreneurs came from various backgrounds and at times without any formal discipline of study, which make their efforts even more fascinating. Many of them had stumbled upon something adverse in their lives which made them change their whole mindset or rather approach to living itself. From Lord Powel with Boy Scout to Muhammad Yunus with Grameen Bank are all such social entrepreneurs who went away from normative boundaries in thoughts and ideas while initiating their enterprises for good of the people. An idea that is seeded in a small town could branch out to a whole world benefitting multitudes of common people who sustain life at the bottom rungs of societies across the globe. Primary objective of social enterprise is not profit unlike other business enterprises. This is in essence social entrepreneurship.

Détails du livre:

ISBN                                        :9782384890019
Language of the book            :Anglais
Author                             :A.K. Arman Hazarika
Number of pages                :55
Published on                          :July 20th 2022
Category                           :Scientific book  
E-book price                :15 USD
Printed book price        :20 USD 

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